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Video 9 Why The Man Upstairs Came Downstairs

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Video 8 When the Man upstairs comes downstairs

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Video 7 Jehovah the Covenant keeper

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Video 6 The Birth of JESUS CHRIST

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Video 5 Correction & Instruction

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Video 4 The Covenant

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Video 3 The Godhead - In the Beginning

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Video 2 The Storehouse of the Lord

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The Godhead

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About Me

My background

 A long time resident of Rochster, NY, I now reside in Charlotte, NC., with my devoted wife of 30+ years and our 2 adult children.  I am the proud father of 10 , grandfather of 21, and great grandfather of 4.   While in Rochester I was an active member of Faith Temple Apostolic Church for about 40 years.  My duties there included my service as Minister of Finance, Minister of Outreach, Sunday School teacher, among others.  During my long tenure in Rochester, I attended Colgate Divinity School, as well as, hosting a radio ministry called the "Spoken Word" on radio station 3WG. 

My faith

Simply stated:


Called into the 

ministry in 1969.

Directed to social media 

to feed the flock and to 

join forces with the rest of 

the body of Christ

My Mission

My mission is to heal the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead , feed the hungry and preach the gospel according to Matthew 28:19. 

         That is my job description.

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